post-covid church

What should it look like?

There are many facets of the church and it’s organisation that have been stripped back during the pandemic whilst accompanying infection control procedures. Isn’t now the time to reflect and question ….what actually is the expression of ‘church’ that Jesus was talking about?

a time for unveiling 

I believe the Gospel is not about any idealism. It’s not about an ideal world where everybody loves everybody. It’s not idealism, it’s utter realism. The tragic sense of life, the absurd sense of everything, that’s the Gospel. —Richard Rohr

We are living through a period of global disorder. People around the world are experiencing tremendous suffering, uncertainty, and disruption to their lives. Reality is being unveiled— systems of evil and injustice are being seen in greater clarity, and our collective “normal” has been radically upended. Walking through this chaos and despair can be difficult; but, ultimately, it is when everything seems adrift that the spiritual journey becomes both an anchor and a sail. God uses tragedy, suffering, pain—and even death to guide us into greater Love.