This is a story about the birth of a ‘Way for Living’

Searching For A Real God, in the Ordinariness  of life

This is not a story of a community, family or even a married couple; it is a short story of the birth of a ‘Way for Living’. In 1988, a dream was planted in Kevin and Ellen Grimley that they would set up a house in the Midlands, a safe place where people could visit and take time to find themselves and to seek God. Along with their children, they were an active family within their parish church, involved in various groups and societies; it was after the Sion mission team visited the parish, that they were introduced to the Holy Spirit. This meeting started to challenge them to live their Christian faith outside of normal parish service and group meetings; the idea of having a personal relationship with Christ that impacted on all aspects of their life was a new concept, a concept that was beginning to haunt them.

A Community soon developed around this common experience, not just of people within their Catholic parish but folk from different denominations within the village.

Alone and Yet Together

Our Little Way has a close friendship with monasticism, that as Douglas Burton-Christie has suggested, at its root is akin to lying alone on the bare earth, in utter abandonment to God. In this Way, Monos means ‘alone’ yet we are together in joining others living on bare earth; our Community is a shared solidarity, with those who have chosen or who have not chosen to live their Christian life as if on bare earth. What does this look like, how does it feel, and how do we live and function within this environment?

A Scary Internal Journey

Kev & Ellen both went to their parish priest, Fr Terry Fellows, in what they thought was a crisis, and he wisely told them not rush into anything, just to accept what was happening as promptings of the Holy Spirit and wait. Little did they know the wait was to be for over twenty years. It was a frightening experience at this time for them both, as they knew no language that could contextualise their experiences. Monasticism was far away from their spiritual radar.

Rule of Life



The genius and authenticity of any ‘Way for Living’ or ‘Rule of Life’ is its ability to be pieced together from Scripture, words, pictures, inspirational quotes and stories from ‘lives’ lived, written down and arranged in some form, so that others, knocking at your ‘door’, can join you.