Join us on the journey

For those who want to go deeper and feel a ‘nudge’ from God to explore what it means to be called to the dessert then these THREE steps are crucial for you.

These steps have not been developed as a programme to be followed but have emerged from a group of people; a family and others who have ‘lived’ and ‘experienced’  what it means to be broken but find HOPE.

The analogy of being called to enter the dessert (St Anthony) is both challenging but also very rewarding and as the world continues into an ever changing paradigm and shifts itself towards a new future this call to join us on the journey offers  HOPE to everyone.

We very much hope that you will consider the steps outlined and journey with us…Once you ‘Get Started’ you will receive the items outlined in Steps 1-3.


Step 1: know yourself

This is a crucial step for you to be able to move on. The crux of this step is being able to start to organise your ‘internal’ world.

step 2: know your household

Step 2 takes things further and encourages you start to ‘organise your household’. Households are a key to help further your understanding… 

step 3: form your community skete

This final step encourages you to ‘face the world’ with all of its complexities and challenges.

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