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what is monos?

The word Monos comes from a Greek word, meaning ‘alone’. Monos is where the term monastery and monk/nun come from; the idea of being set apart in order to pray for themselves but more importantly, for the world around them.

Thomas Merton, (a Cistercian Monk) said that when he eventually found the monastery which he joined, he realised how the world was kept spinning on its axis. Gandhi also suggested that the prayer that is found in a monastery should be the same prayer that we should aspire to in the world, whatever our background and the work we perform.


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Monos is an inclusive Christian organisation, which has been in existence since 2005. The reason we chose the name Monos, was because of our central aim and commitment in providing support to those who are seeking to deepen their spiritual life around similar patterns and spiritualities to those adopted by individuals who have responded to a call from God to enter a monastery or convent.  As a Community, Monos has lived and developed a ‘way for living’ that has been able to expand and contract enough to remain relevant to our experiences of adversity, prosperity, exile, loss, grief and isolation.


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Monos has a particular charism or ethos in its service; that of living life as if at the foot of the cross, from a gaze that is polarised between the selfless act of love through the death of Christ and the life that is to come for us all. These polarised aspects are being held in tension with the command from Christ to Ss John and Mary at the foot of the cross to care for one another.  In this way, community, companionship, family, etc. becomes a momentary ‘lifeboat’ between the raging storm and the promised land, between trauma and calm, adversity and prosperity.