Sometimes the things that happen to us in life are not easily sorted. Negotiating our pain and learning to live with it and put it in its place can be hard because everyone is different . We know that we believe in a God of grace and that forgiveness is freely available to both give and receive but sometimes it’s just really hard to even start to unearth the root cause of our internal pain and begin to fully live again .
Why ? When giving and receiving forgiveness  which some say is maybe the simplest of things, we wrestle with a barrage of human feelings and expectations and what if’s and although maybe not severe, it is none the less precariously balanced as we negotiate our human and spiritual internal  landscape. Sometimes it’s just a process of God allowing the trickle of pain to allow us to begin the process. We know are stuff but maybe need to speak out more and acknowledge our need to release the things that bind us , and allow others to help us in this process . 

Jesus’ prerequisite for being forgiven by God is simply to forgive one another. . . . Jesus said we will receive the forgiveness of God to the degree that we can be conduits of forgiveness for one another. In other words, forgiveness is of one piece. Those who give it can receive it. Those who receive it can give it. If we’re in the conduit of love, if we’re in the ocean of mercy, frankly, it’s the only thing that makes sense.

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