The loneliness epidemic is so bad that world leaders have been forced to intervene . In January 2018 the British Prime Minister Theresa May appointed the worlds first ‘Minister for Loneliness’.

Harry Harlow was a theorist that completed experiments with monkeys on social interaction or lack of it ….Harlow wrote that “the monkeys kept in isolation wound up ‘profoundly disturbed, became emotionless , staring blankly into the distance , rocked in place for long periods, circled their cages repetitively and self harmed frequently .’ Those who had been in isolation the longest were the most irreversibly harmed. Twelve months of isolation almost obliterated the animals socially. “

These findings are particularly concerning as much of the Western world is currently living in isolation due to The COVID 19 pandemic. It makes you wonder how we will emerge from this period, what invisible harm has been caused and how it will contribute to the loneliness epidemic?

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